Kingston Bagpuize of Yesteryear

The Wine Circle 'At Home'

Teas and cakes were provided in the afternoon and wine and beer in the evening. This event was held at Dr. Margaret Myers home, Rimes Yard from Monday 6th June to Friday 10th July 1970. A Wine making exhibition was on display, in the Tithe Barn, which aroused much interest. Mr Gordon McLean had some excellent wines made from his apples and pears.

Photograph of party for proposed Wine Circle.

Do you recognise anyone here? Please tell us if you are here, or you see people you know. We don't have many names so far.

Bottom left is Steve [.......] from Southmoor House; in group left[.......]Tester, Gwen Worsley of Frax Close, in far right are Di and Roy Hammond Frax Close.

Source:Longworth & District History Society.