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Places in Kingston Bagpuize, Draycott Moor and Longworth.

Here is a small section compiled from named places of this area, trades, property or like or mentions in newpaper accounts. These again, are a random assortment of details, in rough alpabetical order, and was once the beginning of a small card index that I started for the History Society.  This has been replaced by the History Society's larger archive.

BARN GROUND First lot of Council Houses approached coming from Southmoor prior to the new A 420, into what was the end of Beggar's Lane. They stand on left past Gerald Broughton's House [ which is on the right hand side of lane.] This area is known as Barn Ground.
BERKSHIRE DIALECT Faringdon Gazette Nov 22 1940 entitled 'She can be main Deedy' Pecularities of the County
BURIAL GROUND  NON-CONFORMISTS This is said to have lain behind the chapel but is possibly situate in the area used by the Woodbridge Nurseries. [earlier the Rose Gardens]
HOP FIELDS See Burial Ground. See also 'The Church in the Hop-Garden' by John Stanley FRH pub. The Kingsgate Publications, Southampton Row, London. Copies at Westgate Library and Reading Archives.Also a typed text of interview with Mrs Rose Young, daughter of Foreman Young of the Hop Fields.
LACE MAKING Lace Making took place in both Longworth and Kingston in about 1908. Connection with Mrs Illingworth the Longworth Vicar's wife.
LONGWORTH HOUSE Henry Martyn lived here. The HYDE family lived here. Anne HYDE Married to House named Queen Anne House changed by present owners to HYDE House.
LONGWORTH ROSES Longworth rambler. See John Mattock and other details acquired. Prince's were Rose Growers.
SOUTHFIELD FARM Hilda PERRY lived here until 1996 when she died aged 95. This farm was previously known as Austin's Farm, and is situated in Stonehill Lane, Southmoor.
SOUTHMOOR COTTAGE This thatched cottage, possibly owned by the Kingston Estate; known ccupiers: Miles & Eva Drew; Dr and Mrs Woodward and son John; Mr and Mrs William Farmer, Kennel Huntsman;Mr and Mrs Gordon and Linda Herring;Mr and Mrs Adrian Gamble.
SOUTHMOOR FARM The WEAVING family lived here, until Guy Weaving's death. He had not given the land to his sons Jack and Tim, and therefore death duty had to be paid and the house was sold with much land. Jack Weaving, whose son Paul now farms some of the land from New Blenheim. Jack's brother Tim was a shepherd, training sheep dogs lives in the vicinity.
STRAWBERRIES One of the strawberry beds was down Harris' Lane and behind the houses opposite the Congregational Chapel
TOLL HOUSE, HINTON The Roundhouse, Hinton Waldrist [P.R.N. 10,204] Great Faringdon - Buckland Trust dated c. 1733. See Oxford Museums Info Sheet 6: Tollhouses of Oxfordshire. Additional building c,1980's. People named Cox farm there.
TOP FIELD The area known as Top field is situated [--------] Trenches were dug here for the 2nd World war, and the Longworth children played in these.
TOWNSEND'S CLOSE John Couldrey late Draycott More yeo. will dtd 9 Apr 1689. Lambe Inn Longworth; grounds Warren Close & Oak Furze; closes Paytons Close & Martin's Lake & Townsend's Close, Longwth. Nine a. in Moreton Mead, Northmore. Bequeathed to Thomas Wood and Richard Castle
VICTUALLERS - AMY [1] Census 1851 f 522 Longworth Waggon & Horses 1851 f 522 Rich AMEY, see under Waggon & Horses
VICTUALLERS - BARTLETT [2] Census 1851 f 529 Longworth Blue Boar James Bartlett 45 Inn keeper b Longworth
VICTUALLERS - STONE [3] Census 1851 f 522 Longworth
WARREN CLOSE John late Draycott More yeo. will dtd 9 Apr 1689 Lambe Inn Longworth; grounds Warren Close & Oak Furze; closes Paytons Close & Martin's Lake & Townsend's Close, Longwth. Nine a. in Moreton Mead, Northmore. Bequeathed to Thomas Wood and Richard Castle
WEIGH-BRIDGE Kingston Bagpuize. Once situated at the side of the now Hind's Head, between the pub and bus shelter.
WELSH Welsh at Longworth came about 1584. 100 years after Wycliffe's death and 50 years before Henry VIII formed his new Church of England. Some Welshmen came possibly via Welshway Drove road out of Wales and settled locally.Possibly brought their non-conformists views with them.  Longworth Anabaptists community was the first in England.
WHIST DRIVE see Far. Advert/Gazette April l2 1940 Whist drive at Longworth Institute. Mentions Mr W. Gibbens as MC & Mrs Free, Mrs Richings: Mrs Wolloff, Mrs Belcher, Mrs Reeves. Mr R Absolom, Mr J Day, Mr P Butler, Mr Wheeler. [See History File]
W. I. KINGSTON BAGPUIZE WI: Mrs Alice Farmer. See her account here. Mrs Irene Nixon, Mrs Hilda Perry, Mrs Linda Herring, are some of the ladies who were in the Kingston Bagpuize W.I. The name of this WI was later changed when the villages amalgamated, to 'Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor W.I'. and the village hall, once a tin building in Kingston,was replaced by a newly built village hall in Southmoor.
W. I. LONGWORTH [not now in existence] See Faringdon Gazette 1940, Feb 9 Longworth WI Party: Mentioned: Mrs Walton [President]; Stanley Gutteridge[who was the speaker];Mrs E. Richings;Mrs Gutteridge,[Secretary];Mrs D. Hobbs;Miss Nichols;Mrs Shallis;Mrs Carter;Mrs Rivers; Mrs Drayton. W.I., LONGWORTH See Faringdon Gazette 1940, Sep 20th
My mother Amy Drayon, belonged to the Women’s Institute which was held once a month at the Manor, and to please Miss Crum my father insisted that I joined too - so I [Ann Eastwood], became the youngest member at 17 years old.  Mother also belonged to Mother’s Union which was organised by Lady Hyde and held once a month in the small thatched building where the Sunday school was, near to the church.   I suppose it was the only other place in the village to hold meetings.
W. I. Longworth WI: Formed 1920 but closed 1970 through lack of support after celebrating its 50th anniversary. Mentioned: Mrs G.Walton,[President]; of Longworth Manor; Mrs Gutteridge [Hon. Sec];Mrs Ralph [Hon. Tres]; Miss Castle, former school mistress of Kingston Bagpuize gave talk on 'Local History'; Mrs Butler, Mrs Gutteridge, Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Gypps, Mrs Ralph. Wool given out for knitting of comforts for troops.Mrs Ritchings was President after Miss Crum left the village.
W.I. Longworth WI:[2] Mrs Gypps, Mrs Holifield, Mrs Ralph, Mrs Clements, Mrs Harding, Mrs E. Hobbs, Mrs Stacey, and Nurse Kelsey. [See History File]