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People & places of the past

An alphabetical index of some of the places and inhabitants who lived in the parishes of Kingston Bagpuize, Draycott Moor & Longworth in earlier times, collected from Newspapers and Oral History. Please also see Inhabitants [ a 2nd listing] , Occupations and Places.

Annabaptists   Manwareing
Amey   Marten's Hall
Bakers   Marten's Lake
Barn Ground   Marten's Mead
Bartlett   Martyn/Martin
Beesley   Moreton Mead
Berkshire Dialect   Mother's Union
Blackmore   New House
Blandy   Non-Conformists
Branson   Oak Furze
Bright   Old Berks Hunt
Broughton   Paynton's Close
Clarke   Perry
Couldrey   Prince
Cote Chapel   Richings
Crum, Miss   Shallis
Cub Scouts   Southebye
Dene   Southfield Farm
Dentist   Southmoor Farm
Dewe   Stone
Dorling   Strawberries
Draycott Moor   Toll House
Drew   Top Field
Drew, Cutbeard   Townsend's Close
Fell, Samuel   Weaving
Fettiplace   Warren Close
Free   Weigh-bridge
Godfrey   W.I. Kingston
Hayden   W.I. Longworth
Herbert   Welsh, The
Hinton   Whist Drive
Hissey   Wyer, van de
Holifield   Yate
Hop Fields   Young
Inns/Public Houses    
Longworth Houses    
Longworth Roses