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Kingston Bagpuize, Draycott Moor and Longworth Occupations.

Here is a small section of people with occupations, property or like or where mentioned in newpaper and other accounts.

  FARMER - Knackerman
  Alice M. and Thomas L. Lived in School Lane, Kingston. Tom was knackerman for the Hunt.
  FARMER - Huntsman
  Mr & Mrs Will Farmer. Mr Farmer was a Kennel Huntsman and they lived in Southmoor Cottage on the main road, Southmoor.
  FELL - Rector
  Dr Samuel Fell inducted at Longworth as rector in March 1620, whilst Chaplain to James I. Later Dean of Christ Church. During Civil War was ardent Royalist, was imprisoned in September 1647. In November same year he was released, but deprived of office at University and at Longworth. He also had a home at Gaunt House, Standlake. During the Civil War 1642 - 1648 his house was a Royalist Garrison and it is supposed that he offered this to the King. This moated house was badly damaged during these times and was later restored [almost re-built with an additional new wing]. At that time the land around Gaunt House spread into the parish of Northmoor, being larger than it is today. In later years, canon balls were found in the moat, evidence of the damage the house received. Samuel Fell then retired to his rectory at Sunningwell, where he died Feb 1st 1648/9 from the shock of hearing of Charles I execution. He is buried at Sunningwell with his wife, in the Santuary at Sunningwell church. His widow Margaret, and later his son John inherited the property. Further reading
  FELL - Chairman OUP
  Dr John Fell - Samuel's son. Baptised at Longworth 16 July 1625: John son of Samuel. Died on 19th July 1686 and is buried in Christ Church. His mother was Margaret Wylde, and the family had lived previously at Sunningwell, where some of the younger children who died early are buried, and where Margaret herself was also later buried on 22 April 1653. He seems not to have been a popular figure in the college. John Fell is remembered by the rhyme, 'I do not love thee Dr Fell'. Apparently a strict disciplinarian, he was about to send down a student, the licentious poet Thomas Brown but said he would relent if the student could translate a Latin epigram by Marshall: The literal translation of this is: 'I do not love thee Sabius, nor can I say why; I can only say this, I do not love thee'. Thomas Brown however promptly replied: 'I do not love thee Dr Fell , the reason why, I cannot tell, I only know I do not love thee'. John Fell remembered more by this witty epigram and not his achievements which were many. He undertook the restoration of Christ Church: was responsible for the erection by Wren, of Tom Tower, moved it's bell Great Tom, which formerly hung in the Cathedral and prior to that at Osney Abbey. By his influence the Sheldonian Theatre was built, named after Archbishop Sheldon, while he also did much for the University Press. As Bishop Fell, John was Chairman and managing director of the OUP. John Fell died on 19th July 1686 and is buried in Christ Church, where there is a memorial; to him, with long inscription recording events of his life. There is a statue of him in Tom Quad and two portraits of him in college hall, one of these by Van Dyke.
  FETTIPLACE - Lord of Manor
  John Bodley MS Ch Berks Court Rolls Hinton 1566-7 -1587 Bodley Ms Ch Berks 795? 1206  of Duchy of Lancaster which manors John Fettiplace now holds. Courts of John Yates Snr., Steward; Courts of Richard SOUTHEBYE & John[----]
  FREE - Shopkeepers
  The Free family had a shop on the Market Square Longworth. A photo survives [see Longworth History Soc.] on one of the photos of the Blue Boar, Longworth. Mrs Free is recorded on tape 'Hello Longworth' available at the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies
  GODFREY - Innkeeper.
  George See 1851 census folio 519v. George Godfrey aged 54 is Victualler born Hanney. The property he lives in is in Draycott Moor. No pub name.
  HAYDEN- Soldier
  Family: Children: Sidney, Victor, Fred, Louise. News of Sidney received by wife [Vera Pike of Frilford, m Oct 1939 Abingdon] of 2 Council Houses, Longworth as a Prisoner of War in Germany. He was in the Warwick Reg. Served some years in Army including 4 years in India. Sidney Hayden son of Mr & Mrs Hayden of Longworth - other son Victor serving with Royal Berks Reg. and was evacuated in Dunkirk. There is a L/c Hayden who received Military Medal - could this be father?
  HERBERT - Church Warden
  The Second Bell at Longworth Church is marked: John HISSEY and Simon HERBERT Ch.W. 1746
  HINTON - Antiquarian
  Henry Hinton,Antiquarian, Topographical Collections 1749-1816 & James Hunt 1785-1857 Bodley MSS Don b.14 See also Oxonensis Vol 27 1972. Henry Hinton was born and baptised in Kingston Bagpuize son of John and Rebecca on 28th May 1749. Henry went to live in Oxford where he was an Ironmonger. He was evidently apprenticed to an ironmonger, Richard Weston, and took over his late master's shop in Cornmarket, opposite the Star Inn, in 1777. [See Jackson's Oxford Journal 16 Aug 1777] From his retirement in 1803, until his death in 1816, he 'amused himself collecting portraits to illustrate Grainger's History of England' and was 'indefatigable in his researches to collect materials for a History of Oxfordshire and Berkshire. From a letter written by Hinton, probably in 181, to a friend in London, it is clear that he lived near the canal wharf and planned to move to a house in Broad Street,  'it's the place and parish I like, and Mr Fletcher being landlord...I hope to be  soon there, and if well hope to see more pleasures and quiet than I now find in the most noisy part of Oxford, equal to Thames Street London, by the increase of the wharf' he basis of Hinton's work for his Oxfordshire and Berkshire collections was his visits to the parish churches in the area. There are seven small books of topographical notes, which contain mainly church notes, dated 1805-15 on Berkshire Churches, decorated with his illustrations in the Bodleian Library. Alderman, William Fletcher, Mayor of Oxford, in 1796 died 1828 aged 88 See Mary Clapinson, 'TheTopographical Collections of Henry Hinton [1749-1816] and James Hunt [1795-1857] Oxonensis Vol 27 1972 He has a particularly interesting Dairy on Berkshire Churches, decorated with his illustrations in the Bodleian Library.
  HOLIFIELD- plumber.
  Mr Holifield lived on the main Faringdon Road. He was a plumber and lived in a cottage, which was pulled down when Mr and Mrs Ron Bisp bought it, after moving from Latton Close. Mr Bisp built a bungalow  in its place. They called it 'Holifield'. Mr Holifield never sent anyone a Bill for work done and people had to remind him about bills.
  The Revd, John Richardson Illingworth b 1848 died Aug 2nd 1915. In 1917 A L Illingworth published the book on her husband's life - Lux Mundi Vicar of Longworth He married n 1883. Mrs. Agnes Louise Gutteres (her uncle who started calling her Nora - and it stuck) and moved to Longworth in that year. Many female baptisms in Longworth carry the name Nora.See Jill Muir's notes on Agnes Louise Illingworth
  MANWAREING - Tanner and Landowner
  John, Jas & Mary J. [4] [1] in order that [2] should have entry to premises Rents & issues to [1] dur. his life. After his death to use of [3] & male heirs. MANWAREING, John, Jas & Mary J.[1] Named with Grantor Wm Branson in Marriage Settlement by Release dtd 13 Feb 1666 Bodleian MS Ch Berks 1298: Land in Longworth,Berks. [1] Wm Branson + of London Gent. [2] John Manewaring of Farneham Surrey, Tanner & James M. of same, merchant [3] J.Mary[J?] Manewaring+ of same, spinster, wife to be. This granted tenement with appurtentenaces.
  MANWAREING- Tanner and Landowner
  John [cont'd 2] Jas & Mary J. [2] Buildings barns,stables, orchards etc in Longworth Berks; & close near adjoining of 3 a. & 1 messuage. & 1 yard lands also in Longworth formerely in possession of William WEBB, contains in all 67 a. now or late in possess of John MAY Also parcel of ground with appurt. in More St/Meere St in Hackney par Middx [addit.inform re size etc]
  MANWAREING- Tanner and Landowner
  John, [cont'd 3] Jas & Mary J. [3] Consideration: Dowry recd by [1] + 10/= pd [1] by [2] To the use of [1] by his heirs until his marr with [3] After marriage to use of [1] & heirs for his normal life. After determination of the estate for life of [1] to use [2] & their heirs dur. life of [1] in order that [2] should have entry to premises Rents & issues to [1] dur. his life. After his death to use of [3] & male heir
  MARTEN -lawyer and diplomat, MP and Regincide
  Henry,Sir, a. Regincide See Hinton's MSS in Bodliean Library and others such as Berks Arch.
Also Wikipedia and Amanda Taylor's Ancestors site.
  KELSEY - Nurse
  Nurse. Remembered by older residents. Faringdon Gazette Sep 20 1940 Infant Welfare Clinic held at the Sunday School by Nurse Kelsey. Tea by Mrs Cole [Hon sec] Mrs Bright, Charney, Miss Ruth Bright and Mrs Ralph [Hon Tres]
  LATTON - Lord of the Manor of Kingston Bagpuize.
  John - John Latton Esq father of William, mentioned as possessor of lands in Oxon in partition of Shifford Manor 26 Oct 1612 & in quit claim of same 11 May 1613. Bodley MSS DD Harcourt e 109/10,12
  MUNT - Schoolmaster
  Thomas, Possibly the first Schoolmaster of Kingston Bagpuize School. Born in Hinton Waldrist; related to the Church family of Weald, Bampton.Buried in Kingston Churchyard.Possible connection with Wheatley MUNT family.Census 1891 Draycott Moor shows CHURCH Edwin HD m 43 Harnessmaker OXF Weald Bampton; MUNT Henry APP 14 Lad OXF Wheatley

Source:PRO Ref: RG12/0976, Abingdon Berks, Reg Sub District Fyfield 1, Folio 36v

  PERRY- Resident
  Hilda Lived at Southfield Farm, earlier known as Austin's Farm, Stonehill Lane, Southmoor
  RICHINGS - Builder
  Death of Mr Albert Richings, Somerville, Longworth, Congregationlist & builder. Mr Richings 66 yrs old was son of late Charles Richings. Albert was Superintendent of Sunday School/Sec of parish church/manager local school, member Parish Council, leaves widow & daughter. Aug 16th 1940 Faringdon Gazette
  See Far.Advert/Gazett Mar 29 1940 wedding at Longworth Parish Ch. Jack Montague SHALLIS, third son Mr/Mrs H Shallis, The Square, Longworth to Miss Catherine May Blackwell of Stanford in Vale: Miss Nancy Shallis groom's sister.
  SMITH, L.S.C - Nurse and Cub Mistress.
  Death of Mrs L.S.C.Smith Longworth District Nursing and Cub Mistress for 25 years. Received Gold Medal by Baden Powell for service. Faringdon Gazette Jul 19 1940
  Richard and John Bodley MS Ch Berks Court Roll Hinton 1566-7 - 1584 Bodley Ms Ch Berks 7957 1206  of Duchy Lancaster [showing] which manors John Fettipiace now holds Courts of John Yate Snr Steward: Courts of Rd SOUTHEBYE & John[----]
  STONE Innkeeper
  William Walker 56 Retired Inn Keeper b KB - could he be of the STONE HOUSE?
  TREADWELL- Huntsman
  John Huntsman of the Old Berkshire Hunt for nearly twenty years, John is buried at Kingston Churchyard. Of Family of well known Huntsmen.
  WYER Van der
  V.W. Van der Weyer subscribed the £2000 to build new kennels for the OBH, which after committee discussion where erected on land owned by John Blandy at Kingston Bagpuize. The new kennels were built by John Wheeler of Wantage to designs of F.H. Barfield, of Faringdon.
  John Snr.Bodley MS Ch Berks Court Roll Hinton 1566-7 - 1584 Bodley Ms Ch Berks 795? 1206 Latin in poss of Duchy Lancaster [showing]which manors John Fettiplace now holds Courts of John Yate Snr Steward: Courts of Rd SOUTHEBYE & John[-----]
  YOUNG - Patrol Crossing Lady
  Mrs Rose Young See typed text of interview with Mrs Rose Young, who was Foreman Young's dau-i-law. Rose was well remembered as a Patrol Crossing lady, for the children going to John Blandy School, in the days when the A420 roared through our village.