The Kennel House.

Kingston Bagpuize of Yesteryear.

Wall of the old Kennel House

The Kennel House in Kingston Bagpuize, was the Old Berkshire Hunt kennels for the hounds. This has now gone, partly eaten away by road widening and reasonably recently, in its place are new houses and business premises.

What does remain is the wall situated today behind the Bus Stop on the Abingdon Road, which is just past the Hind's Head.

This photo shows Kingston on a snowy day in the past. On left is the wall of the Kennel House*; centre left is the Bake house; beyond that are the lime trees surrounding the Church Green; and on the right is the Huntsman House.

*Part of the kennel wall remains and the current bus-shelter, was built from part of the original stone wall.


OBH Meet at Waggon and Horses in 1912

OBH Meet at Waggon and Horses in 1912 © Peter Keene