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Village Doctors

John & Joan Newport

John & Joan Newport recall that Dr Moore had a surgery at Court Close, Town Pond Lane, Southmoor. This is also recalled by Jean Mitchell nee Bungay.

It seems that later the surgery was held at Corner House, Kingston Bagpuize, here the Doctor was Dr Wyatt of Faringdon. This must have been around 1960. Before that time,villagers recall the earlier doctors.

Sybil Beard Remembers

Dr Woodward at the Stone House used to do everything. You went in round the side and there was a dispensary. He set broken legs and sewed up bits where you got bashed. It was very exceptional to be sent to hospital.

The district nurse lived in Longworth, she was a midwife as well. The midwife delivered babies and the doctor came out at night, not like now.

Stone House surgery and home of Dr Woodward. Southmoor Cottage – Mrs Woodward doctor’s wife lived there after he died. It was previously a farm cottage.

Source: Beard VILLAGE MEMORIES – 1920s Oxfordshire Family Historian Summer 1987 edition - Volume 4, number 5 and KBS News May 1987; Longworth History Society

Mrs V.E. Soden Remembers

We also had our own doctor (Dr Woodward) who lived at Stone House. He travelled to his patients on a decrepit old motor-bike.

Dr Woodward at Cumnor

The Cumnor History website mentions Dr Woodward and his motor-bike.

Dr Woodward of Kingston Bagpuize used to arrive with a motorbike and side-car; he would fill the room with his bulky weather-proof clothing.

Dick (Alan) Clarke,(with Jane Reid)Remembers

Dr Woodward lived at the cottage [Southmoor Cottage] there when I was alive. I remember old Mr Carter at Stone House – he was something to do with the Oxford Dictionary (Jane).

Source: Compliation of memories given to the Longworth History Society.

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