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Mr and Mrs Thomas Farmer.

Past residents of School Lane.

The cottage where they once lived belonged to a row of cottages once in School Lane. Their names were Alice M. and Thomas L. Farmer.

Alice was the daughter of Walter and Sarah HENLEY and in 1901 the family were living in Fyfield and Alice was three years of age. She had a sister, Florence and three brothers, Walter, Arthur and Albert at the time of the 1901 census but she was to have further two sisters.

Alice M. HENLEY and Thomas L. FARMER married in 1919.

In 1920 a son was born and they named him Thomas.

Until 1935 whilst the Kennels were at KB, Mr Farmer was the Knackerman. Tony Drew tells, that they used to take the dead horses to feed the dogs. Mr Farmer used to take the horses in and he used to slit them open and all the stomach and everything would just go down into a slurry hole underneath and the rats used to feed on this and when they moved of course the food dried up so we got invaded with rats.

Mr Farmer did the road and his wife Alice worked in the house at Mrs Palmers then went to the Post Office and Bakery to work for Ruth Garrett for years. She lived in the cottages at Kingston up School Lane.

Another villager has said:

There used to be a chap who lived up School Lane called Tom Farmer. He was the road man and he used to keep these roads spotless and the ditches clear. He used to be up and down all the time. You used to go down the Hanney Road, you know how straight it is, and you could see a little dot in the distance. He used to go all the way up there and back. He seemed like an old man when we were young children.

The Broughton sisters’ [of Town Pond] grandfather and Tom Farmer who lived down School Lane were the two roadmen in Kingston and Southmoor. They went round cleaning ditches. They carried everything on an old wheelbarrow.