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Dr Herbert Croaker Sperling Woodward.

Kingston Bagpuize's Dr Herbert Woodward.

Ann Ryder.

From a collection of Postcards that Ann Ryder inherited from her Aunt and further research, Ann has created this story. Her Aunt was Elizabeth Mary Burnett nee  Higgins, who worked at the Stone House, Kingston Bagpuize. Ann's interest in the people her aunt worked for has taken Ann into research into some one the doctors at Kingston Bagpuize.

Herbert Croaker Sperling Woodward was born on 15 July 1868, at Folkestone Kent, He was the son of Matthew Woodward vicar of the Parish Church Folkestone who resided there from 1851-1885, Matthew was born in Broseley, Shropshire. The Croker in Herbert’s second name of Croker/Croaker came from his grand mothers adopted father.

His mother was Rosamond Barrow who was born 1835. She was a daughter of Sir George Barrow and Rosamund Hester Elizabeth Pennell. The Pennells originated from Devon.

On the 1871 census:

10 Victoria Road (vicarage), Folkestone, Kent (RG10/1015/71/51)
Woodward Matthew head 45, Vicar of Folkestone, Salop Broseley
Woodward, Rosamond Wife: 35, Middlesex Kensington
Woodward, Rosamond R Dau: 16, Kent Folkestone
Woodward, Louisa N E Dau 10, Kent Folkestone
Woodward, Ethelinda H Dau 8, Kent Folkestone
Woodward, Herbert C S Son 2, Kent Folkestone
Woodward, Louisa N E Dau 10, Kent Folkestone ?
Beall, Mary A Serv 20, Gen Servant, Worcester South Aldminster
Beall, Ellen Serv 10, Gen Servant, Worcester South Aldminster
Winslowe Mary Serv 13 Nurse Maid, Dorset

By the 1881 census Matthew Vicar of Folkestone M.A. was at home with wife Rosamond, & two daughters Bertha age 23 , Louisa M.E age 20 both scholars, & two servants Mary J. Kempe aged 19 from Harsmonden, Kent, Mary Springett age 21 from Harsmonden, Kent.

In this census, their son Herbert Woodward age 12 was a border at St Johns Foundation School, Leatherhead, Surrey. The head was Edward C. Hawkins, living there were 5 masters, one matron & 9 servants 20 Scholars. He later transferred to St Edward's School Oxford.

On 1887 1 October, Herbert Croker Sperling Woodward, was admitted at Michaelmas to Selwyn College, Cambridge and was awarded Bachelor of Arts by Downing College, Cambridge,on the 22nd December 1891. This was followed by a Master of Arts in 1891 and a Bachelor of Surgery 1896

In 1898 Matthew Woodward vicar of the Parish Church Folkestone, died in Kent, which must have been a sad time for his son. His mother, Rosamond Woodward age 64 a widow, had moved to “Brooklands“, Chinbrook Rd, Lee, Lewisham, London by the time of the 1901 census. She was 'Living on own means', with her unmarried daughter Ethelinda aged 38 & Herbert her son aged 32. They were reduced to one servant, Rose H. Pepper, a widow aged 28 who worked as a Cook and General Domestic, and was born in Yorkshire. Herbert's mother Rosamond Woodward died on the 22nd August 1913.

In 1903, aged 35 years, Herbert Woodward became a Bachelor of Medicine, and by 1905 was attached to St Thomas's Hospital, London, where he was House Physician & Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea.

In 1905, Dr Woodward moved to Worksop, Nottinghamshire, where he lived in Potter Street.

(Shown in White's Worksop Almanac)

In 1907 27th March, Albert & Bess Burnett [see Three Little Maids] were working at Stone house, Kingston Bagpuize for the then village doctor, Dr Hatherell. Bess remained at this address until July 1907 when she moved to Worksop to help move Doctor Woodward at Radford House, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, whilst her husband Albert remained here in the village, at The Stone House, Kingston Bagpuize.

On 5th September 1907, a post card to the Stone House told them that Bess would be in Kingston on Wednesday. Another post card dated 18th September 1907 tells that the house wasn't ready and that Bess did not know when she would be coming, but by 18th September 1907 a post card from Bess's sister Flo was sent to Bess now presumably at the Stone House saying 'it was nice to have her near them'.

Mary Belcher had joined the workforce at Stone House, and a postcard was sent to her at Kingston Bagpuize, on 10th December 1907.

The 2nd March 1908 was the date of the last post card sent to Albert & Bess at Stone House, Kingston Bagpuize and it is assumed that they moved just after this time.

Dr. Herbert Woodward married Mabel Cuthbert, who is a possible cousin in Abingdon in 1912. They had two sons, Geoffrey and John.

The Times Births June 1913 - Woodward - On the 28 June at Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon, to Dr & Mrs Woodward a son.

From the date, this must be their first child Geoffrey C Norton Woodward. Later John was born but sadly John was retarded.

The last of the doctors who lived in the house was Dr Woodward who left in 1932. Dr Woodward was now 64 years of age and must have been retiring. He moved from the Stone House to live at Southmoor Cottage with his wife and their retarded son John. Herbert Croaker Sperling Woodward died March 22nd 1955 aged 86 years old, and was followed by his wife Mabel who died in March 4th 1957 aged 76 years. They are buried in Kingston Church yard. It is not known what became of their son John.