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Southmoor Wills - Diocese of Sarum

The ancient Diocese of Sarum covered most of Wiltshire, most of Berkshire, parts of Dorset and a small area in Devon.

This database of names is from the Wills and Administrations of Southmoor/Draycott Moor inhabitants, which are deposited in the Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office.

Stevenson, Thomas,Yeoman,Longworth,1779 Will P1/13 Reg/293
Herbert, Jane Widow, Longworth, 1804 Will P1/1804/75
Gibbard, Richard, Longworth,1832,Administration bond, will, wrapper
Stevenson, John,Yeoman,Longworth,1717,Will,P1/6Reg/135B
Pryer, Joseph,Longworth,,1741,Will,P1/9Reg/83
Stevenson, Thomas,Yeoman,Longworth,1779,Note, will,P1/S/1392
Stevenson, John,Yeoman,Longworth,Will,1717,P1/S/799

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