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In your own words - Story Telling

Village Story Telling centre.

Our Story telling centre is an online archive of stories and memories from the people of Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor and area.

Here you can read other peoples stories, and you can also share your memories of our village and area. All the stories help towards preserving the history of English villages.

We look at a collection of stories about village life in England, and show what it means to live in a small rural community. Historical documents and books can't tell us everything about our past. Often they concentrate on famous people and big events, and tend to miss out ordinary people talking about their everyday lives. See more at the Oral History Society

Explore Village Memories

Please consider adding your Village Memory. You do not have to live in our village to do so, simply have memories of it and the surrounding villages.

Preserve and share your memories with us.

Do you have a village story to add? Please let us know. Our email address is at the foot of this page. Below are a few links to give you some ideas.

If you have any photos to add to your story, they will be most welcome. We only need to borrow them to scan to add to this site or we can happily accept online images to use too. Why not send us a photo of yourself as well?

You do not have to live in our village to add your Village Memory, simply have reminiscences of it and the surrounding villages.

The stories on this site have been sorted into three themes. That of 'Working Life'; 'Postal Services'; 'Schooldays'; and 'Village Stories.'

"Back on its golden hinges, The gate of Memory swings, And my heart goes into the garden, And walks with the olden things."
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This section consists of people's memories of this village and its surrounding area. It is recalled for us by many villagers past and present, who have written for this website or were interviewed by the Longworth and District History Society.

As usual, where possible, permission has been sought to place these interviews online.

There are other sections on this website too, which I hope you will enjoy. Wander through the links on the menu on the right.

Other links on stories

BBC History for Kids - what was life like for children in World War II and other stories. What was life like in Kingston Bagpuize, Southmoor and area? Let us know.

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