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Dorcas Collett recalls Miss Crum.

Dorcas Collett

Miss Crum was always down there with my father because he played the violin. We done the dancing in the square and Tony’s [Gutteridge] Mum was there teaching us. We walked in twos behind the May Queen who was in a donkey cart up to Lady Hyde’s and then we had to dance for Lady Hyde and go round to the kitchen and have a glass of milk and something to eat. Then we came back in twos and skipped along behind my father playing the violin, and down to the Manor and that was were the Maypole was, which we had to dance round of course, to Miss Crum and her father. After we plaited it up, the May Queen was sitting on her throne and then she got crowned. There was a lovely tea in the barn.

Source: Dorcas Collett talks to the History Society.

Recollections of the 2nd World War.

Joyce Collett

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