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Memories of the Farmer Family.

John Farmer.

I was born at Kingston and lived there until 1952 when I attended School at Kingston.

My Mother, Alice Farmer (nee Henley) was born at Fyfield Wick 1898 often told us they had to walk to School and Church which was a very long way, no other means of transport was available to them.

There were three boys and three girls in the family at Fyfield Wick, the nearest School and Church was Kingston and in those days the School was near the Church at the rear of a house now called the Old School House on Abingdon Road

Some time later when some of the family had left for work elsewhere my Grandparents Walter and Sarah moved to Southmoor to a cottage opposite to Palmers Garage where Walter died. He was buried at Longworth Church, and some years later Sarah moved to Standlake, but after some years Sarah died and she was buried at Kingston Church just a few yards from her son Private A.E, Henley. Sarah does not have a Tomb stone.

When my Father and Mother died they were buried at Kingston Church next to Sarah and they do have a Tomb stone.

My Uncle Arthur and was the second son of Walter and Sarah Henley who lived at Netherton (Fyfield) and then moved to Fyfield Wick with the family. He was in the Royal Berkshire Regiment but was killed in the 1st WW in 1915 aged 20 years, and lies in Kingston Churchyard in a Commonwealth War Grave as Private Henley.

My Mother and a retired builder living in the parish, looked after the stone etc., of Private Henley and the retired man kept care of the other two War Graves Commission stones at Kingston church, so since Mother died, I have taken care of my Uncle's grave.

John Farmer of Botley, Oxford

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