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School teachers at Kingston Bagpuize.

Miss Castle

Snippet from Newspaper.

20th Sept 1940 Faringdon Gazette -

reported that Longworth W.I. had speaker Miss Castle formerly schoolmistress of Kingston Bagpuise. 'A delightful talk on "Local History" which specially included churches'

Remembered by Syvil Beard

Miss Castle


The school mistress Miss Castle lived next to the Reading Room, in the old village Hall.

Source: Sybil Beard

Miss Russell

Mrs Russell was the Post mistress and newsagent and her daughter Marjorie was the teacher of what we called the ‘little room’.

My mother Marjorie Russell was born in Kingston Bagpuize and lived in the old Post Office. She taught at the little school which is now the scouts hut. My grandparents were Aubrey and Mary Russell who ran the Post Office.

I went to Kingston school. The playground was divided into boys and girls. In those days we had three class rooms and a full complement of 48 children in the school with 3 teachers. If 48 were there for a whole week we had an extra play on a Friday afternoon. So we used to say `Don’t be ill, don’t be ill!’ The girls on a Wednesday used to go by carrier bus to Abingdon for domestic science – cookery mostly, sometimes washing and ironing. I didn’t enjoy it. The mistress there, she was a real dragon. She used to shout and frightened the little village folk to death. The boys used to go on a Thursday for woodwork to the council school in Conduit Street.”

My grandparents, buried at St John's Church, Kingston, were Aubrey and Mary Russell (who died in 1963) ran and lived in the Old Post Office just before you get to the scouts building which of course used to be the school where my mother taught. My mothers name was Marjorie Russell and she was born and lived at the Old Post Office, until she married Robin Grayson and moved to the North East.

My Mum was heavily involved with the Church and taught in the school where one of her pupils was Lester Piggott.

I was born in 1958 and spent a number of enjoyable holidays in the village with my parents and other relations.I would be very interested if any one has any recollections of my family.

Nigel Grayson

Other Teachers remembered from 1967 onwards are:
  • Graham Platt - Head
  • Pam Barling - Deputy Head
  • Mrs M.E.Mingard - taught infants
  • Mrs [Hetty ]Young - taught very young
  • Joan Weaving
  • Gillian Squires
  • David Sandford
  • Derek Clements
  • Ann Preston
  • Ruth Bryan
  • Dawn Plumbley
  • Carol Rollinson
  • Sue Clarke
  • Amberley Clark
  • Jill Whall
  • D.A Rosevear
  • J.O. Hayman
  • Joan Graham
  • Chris Spring was appointed as new headmaster and ceased his employment in 2013 after serving this post for over 20 years and contributing much to the school.