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The Paddock, Southmoor

Sylvia Downs

The Paddock is in a small estate of houses towards the end of the village. Until quite recently it was technically in Longworth, but the parish boundaries were altered and it was brought into Southmoor. It was built in 1974 on a farm belonging to "The Soden family".

There are a mixture of families, some retired and some whose children have flown the nest. The Paddock leads into Field Close, Paddock Mews and Soden Place. Work is beginning to build another eighty six houses.Unfortunately the quiet road we chose, will no longer be quiet!

We came here 9 years ago, really by accident. When we retired we thought we would like to move out of our Victorian house in Didcot, to something easier. Our only criteria was that we had to be accessible to Wantage, Didcot, Buckland & Frilford. A circle was drawn on a map and Southmoor was in the middle! We looked at several houses in Southmoor before deciding on our house in The Paddock.

The Paddock image

I can honestly say we have never regretted it. We have lived in several places in Oxfordshire but this Village is definitely the friendliest. There is always plenty going on and we have both joined several various groups.