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The Jubilee

Peter Smith

“A jubilant burst of celebrations in London and all over the country officially marked the start of Jubilee Week revelries”

In the KBS News for 1977 appeared a picture and article showing our village's celebrations of the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Here is Peter's letter which appeared in KBS News.

The recent article and picture of the Jubilee Queen and Princess competition brought back many memories of when we decorated the houses on the A415-A420 corner, as it was then, and other places in the village and organised various activities in celebration of this splendid event one of which of course was the Jubilee Queen competition.

Now it was easy to agree to hold the event but another thing to decide on the judges, Penny Richardson advised she would be able to arrange for a Bunny Girl from the Play Boy Club in London but she would need to be brought down by car on the Friday. Bill Winder volunteered to pick her up but was not prepared for Bunny Fern to appear complete with bunny ears and a tail and the spoil-sport made her change before the journey. He and Viv subsequently entertained her to a family tea before she joined the other judges. It was a most enjoyable evening with the old village hall bursting at the seams with villagers and proud family members of the girls. This of course was only one of the activities, there were many more.

Village Hall Fund Raising

Photo of our Village Hall

At the close of all these events there was a small surplus of cash and a meeting was held to decide on its future. George Pulley proposed that the money should be used to start the fund for a new village hall and so fund raising began followed by a multitude of events and then the search for a site. The land on which the old hall stood was not large enough and various plots were investigated.

Ultimately George and I visited Richard Cox and asked if he had a plot he would be prepared to sell. He thought for a few moments and to our surprise said how about in Draycott Road. We explained we had little money and to our further surprise and delight he said how about £2000. That evening meeting around his supper table resulted in the purchase of all the land on which the Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Village Hall and surroundings now stand.