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Beggars Lane

Alwyn Woolley

Beggars Lane was a link from the old A420 to Longworth village until it was severed by the KBS by-pass which opened on 1st January 1993.

From the Western end of KBS Main Street the Lane curves gently off to the North as far as the by-pass. From there a footpath and bridle way leads to a bridge over the by-pass and thence to the Northern part of Beggars Lane.

Beggars Lane image

It's a quiet peaceful place with friendly neighbourly people of all ages, a favourite for dog walkers. Until very recently it had horse paddocks at either end, but these have gone now, replaced or soon to be replaced by new housing developments.

Two dozen houses and bungalows of varying styles and ages line the Lane. The stone house with quite extensive gardens is perhaps late Victorian and in the fifties five bungalows were built opposite it. An old house is at what is now the bottom of the Lane and other houses have been built and remodelled in the last 50 to 60 years.