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Creating a Family History website.

I wanted to put my family history online, but I didn't know how to set about making a website, so I used what I had, which was MS Publisher. I found that this was not the best programme to use but then I didn't feel I wanted to afford Frontpage. I used MS Word and managed for a while, but all the time searching for a cheap offer of Frontpage. Eventually I bought one and I was away...... I thought! Oh dear the learning curve was a bit steep! Much head banging and stress and yes almost tears ensued!

Having now succeeded in owning a web design package, I now found that affording to host a site was a tad expensive, so I tried free! Some hosts are fine if you can manage to put up with the adverts that pay for the free-dom! I would certainly recommend Tripod, if you need cheap.

I then discovered that free space came with Rootsweb. I had been a member of several of their genealogical mailing lists and so they were not new to me, but the knowledge that they offered free web space was great. I still use much space there, but by now I was hooked on web design and needed better or rather independence for my new and fascinating hobby. For this I chose my own ISP's web space for some time and then decided to try out the recommended which I have found to be reliable and who have good support.
I have now expanded again and am now using to host my websites. They are based in Utah, USA.  I still use 1&1 though and have all my domain names and a few sites with them.

My ISP is Plusnet which is a very good dependable company which is based, as is their Support line, in Sheffield UK. They are knowledgeable and very helpful, giving 24/7 support, and friends and I are very pleased that we went with them and have stuck with them. Long may they continue.

If you need free hosting, then Heart Internet is apparently well worth a try.

Up to 8Mb broadband, now with broadband phone calls. From only £9.99 per month - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

My online friend Martha Bagwell has a really good website which will help you with basic information on keeping your computer in good smooth working order.

Last but certainly not least is Pat Geary. Pat answered a query that I had on a Rootsweb Mailing List and she has helped me to learn so much. She is a special person and is still helping me and many others to build or amend code in their websites. Pat has several websites and has a great site for web creation help. Take a look at Genealogy Web Creations

Pat persuaded me to take Cricket Walker's lessons which have been absolutely great. Since then I have taken part in an online course with Cheryl Wise, and I continue to learn.

I have now progressed to using Microsoft's answer to Dreamweaver.  This program is Expression Web 4. Microsoft have now stopped supporting this, but there are loads of support for this online. Expression Web is now available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center, and no new versions will be developed. You may download from Miscrosoft here.

 You will also find on Cheryl Wise's pages downloads of free templates to use with this programme.  You will also find excellent templates on several of Pat Geary's websites.

Here are some useful sites too:


If you need mind stretching, try out some of these! I promise you will not be bored.