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Southmoor Methodist Chapel inscriptions

Southmoor Chapel inscriptions on memorials

Being names from inscriptions on stones that have survived. Many memorial inscriptions were on markers made of wood which have succumbed to time, and no longer exist. Names are of all those mentioned on stone not solely those of deceased.

A Wesleyan chapel was built in Southmoor in 1841.  It is now a Methodist Church in the Wantage and Abingdon Methodist Circuit.


Southmoor Methodist

Source for Methodist chapel above: Creative Commons Licence Motacilla

Southmoor Chapel

Southmoor Methodist Chapel

Surname Christian Name Year & Date of Death
CHURCH Richard May 8 1899
NEWPORT Peter 1994
JOHNSON [---------] [---------]
BARNES Frederick Thomas 1991
BARNES A.I. 28 Nov 1847
GARRETT Horace 1st May 1964
GARRETT Gladys Lilian 5th Jan 1993
GARRETT Anthony Horace July 16th 1950
GARRETT David William 7th October 1987
COX William 8th Feb 1945
COX Alice 2nd Nov 1963
COX Richard Frank 16th Jan 1999
BROUGHTON Nora Alice 2.1.1971
BROUGHTON Jesse 28 1919
BROUGHTON Ann Jan 24 1967
BROUGHTON Frederick Arthur 5th Sep 1971
BROUGHTON Annie May 23rd July 1974
BROUGHTON Joseph March 10th 1954
BROUGHTON Emily Aug. 1st 1957
BROUGHTON Jayne 24.10.78
NEALE Jim 25th Mar 1994
COX Fanny Florence March 31 1974
CLARK Sophia October 29 1874
CLARK Benjamin July 185[-]
CLARK [Tho]mas Aug 3rd 1869
CLARK Winifred  Jan 6th 1870
BARNES Mary? Anne [---------]
PRINCE James May 12th 1877
PRINCE Mary Ann  Oct 2nd 1875
PRINCE [---------] 11[?][---------]

Fuller details can be obtained from the Oxfordshire Family History Society