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Cote Baptist Chapel

This chapel is one of the most respectable establishments, founded for the use of Dissenters, in the whole kingdom. It was built for the denomination of dissenters called Baptists, and is endowed with a house for the minister, - a respectable building, situated, as was before observed, at Aston - and an annual stipend. The congregation of this chapel came originally from Longworth, where they had a burial ground, which, however they did not long possess; for, owing to the neglect of the Trustees, it reverted to the lord of the manor.

The following curious entry is found in the 'Church book' of the Society at Longworth upon the opening of the burial-ground.

'The Lord who was pleased in these last days to gather his people out from amongst the people of this world, hath been pleased, according to his abundant goodness, to gather together some of his poor children, and to plant them in and about Longworth, where we have enjoyed many mercies and privileges, which he hath bestowed upon his people; and amongst the many mercies this is not the least, that in this church he hath given some increase in number of us, his witnesses, against those vain wayes of this world which they receive by tradition from their fathers; as chiefly baptising of infants (as they call it) and touching their faith and persuasions about the place where they bury their dead which two things (as also many others) the Lord hath separated us from them in And taking these things into consideration we who were led by that gude word of Prophecy as in baptism so also in burying our dead in a place apart from the people of this world, hereupon our births and our burials were neither of them registered by the Parish Register, so we judged it expedient to take care of this matter, whereupon we appointed and prepared this book, wherein we have inserted on one side births and the other burials'.

The earliest entry in the book is 1647.

Source:- Giles - 'History of Bampton'

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