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Notes from the Kingston Bagpuize Church Magazine

Journals of various dates

August 1950 William John Sharps who lived at Kingston for many years. He was butler at Kingston House and died at Marcham 27th August 1950 at the ripe age of 92. His body was laid to rest at Kingston on 29th August. [ There is apparently now no grave-stone for him ]

August 1950 Constance Harriet Symons who had been in failing health for a few months was buried at Kingston on 29th June at the ripe age of 88 years. She came back, early this year, to Kingston, where there are some who remember her as Dr. Woodward's sister.

June 1950 Church News June 1950 Percival George RICKETTS on 20th April at 63 years. He was buried at Kingston Churchyard, the service being conducted at the request of his widow and son by a minister of their denomination

March 1950 Alfred Bestley Wigmore died after much illness and considerable suffering at home of daughter Mrs Viney buried 7th Feb aged 77 years. [ Mrs Viney used to live in bungalow, which WAS next to the old village hall]

September 1957 The parish of Kingston has lost one of its best known and probably its oldest inhabitant by the death of Mrs Sarah Ann Hobbs on the 15th Oct, a few weeks after her 93rd birthday. She had been in failing health for a few months but was able to get up and take an interest in house and garden and receive visitors until the last few weeks. The devoted attention she has received from her children both those in Southmoor and those in Thames has been an example to all who have something of the care of the older folk. She was buried in Kingston Churchyard on 19th October in the grave of her husband who also died within a few weeks of his 93rd birthday.

July 1958 Mrs Lloyd Southmoor at the early age of 37 has died; [?]of the Brother-in-law of Mrs Myer of Kingston Bagpuize while on a visit to this country - both cremated and buried away from our village.

September 1958 Kingston has suffered a grievous loss in the passing of Mrs B.Maclean. She was a devoted Churchwoman; a most efficient Churchwarden and a beloved friend. [Buried where?]

Her generous hospitality, in her charming house and garden, was greatly appreciated. It was characterised by the gracious way of living of her generation which, also is so rapidly passing away. Like so many other parishioners Mrs Maclean was not happy when they were informed, some ten years ago, that Kingston could no longer have its own Incumbent and it is no secret that she offered generous financial assistance to make it possible, but, when the final decision was made that they must share an Incumbent with two other parishes, she accepted it with complete loyalty and gave her support and co-operation to the scheme.