Chapman County Code for British Isles Counties.

List of Chapman County Code abbreviations used by Family Historians in Census transcription.

The Chapman County Code is a standard abbreviations for British counties. The code was compiled by Dr. Colin Chapman in the early 1970s. He originated the three-letter Chapman County Code for British Isles counties which formed the basis for a British Standard and now an International Standard, ISO-3166.

Colin Chapman is a life Vice-President of the Federation of Family History Societies, President of both the Bristol & Avon Family History Society and of the Gloucestershire Family History Society. The code elements are widely used in genealogy. They are listed in alphabetical order of the abbreviation. It must be noted that the counties referred to are those existing prior to 1974 when county names and boundaries were changed. The full Chapman code is here.The County abbreviations, taken from the Chapman Code, and used in the census transcriptions on this website are:-

Bedfordshire BDF
Buckinghamshire BKM
Berkshire BRK
Cheshire CHS
Cornwall COR
Devon DEV
Gloucestershire GLS
Hampshire HAM
Herefordshire HER
Hertfordshire HRT
Lincolnshire LIN
London LON
Middesex MDX
Norfolk NOR
Oxfordshire OXF
Somerset SOM
Warwickshire WAR
Wiltshire WIL
Yorkshire YOR
Ireland IRE
Pembrokeshire PEM
Scotland SCT
Not Known NK

Standard Abbreviations For Relationship To Head Of Household

apprentice AP husband HU sister CI
assistant AS inmate N sister-in-law CL
aunt AN journeyman JM son SO
boarder BD lodger LG son-in-law SL
brother BR lodger’s dau LD son’s wife SW
brother-in-law BL lodger’s son LS step-brother SB
clerk CK lodger’s wife LW step-daughter SD
companion CM maidservant MV step-father SF
cousin CO matron MA step-mother SM
daughter DA mistress MT step-sister SC
daughter-in-law DL mistress’ dau MD step-son SS
father FA mistress’ son MS stranger SG
father-in-law FL mother MO teacher TE
foreman FM mother-in-law ML traveller TR
governess GO neice NC uncle UC
grand-daughter GD nephew NP visitor VR
grandfather GF nurse NS wife WI
grandmother GM orphan OR wife’s dau WD
grandson GS patient PT wife’s father VvT
great aunt GA porter P0 wife’s gm dau WG
great uncle GU prisoner PS wife’s gm son WG
groom GR pupil PP wife’s mother WM
guest GT relation RE wife’s son WS
half-brother I-lB relative RE wife’s brother WB
half-sister HC scholar SH    
head HID school-teacher ST    
housekeeper HK servant SV